Off Grid.

Our homes can be designed to be connected to the grid or like this home in Tasmania and be completely off-grid.

We are happy to organise the Tiny Home side of the off-grid set up however some work is still required by the customer on site to finish off the project.

Off-grid features include:

Composting Toilet

  • Composting toilets can come in a range of prices between $1,500 and $7,000 and features.  Which composting toilet will suit you best is highly depended on your own individual situation, how often it will be used, what the home is being used for, the location of the home​. Popular brands include Natures Head, Rotaloo, Eco Flow.​

  • Please note we do not include composting toilet in quotes and do not purchase the toilets, we are happy to install the Tiny Home side of the home however in case of any maintenance issues we do ask that the purchase is made by the customer.



Solar panels, Batteries, Generators

  • ​Solar packages generally range around $5,000 depending on particular features. Most Tiny Homes can fit 6 panels on them however often they are set up on site have the opportunity to have more panels and maximise efficiency. There are many reasons why this is a popular option; it allows you to park the home under trees/in shade and not comprise the panels, the panels also need to be clean quite often which is easier when they are on a frame on the ground but the biggest reason is they can be angled properly towards the sun.

  • All our packages come with one battery however most can simply be added once on site if required.​



Water Tanks, Grey Water Treatment Systems (GWTS)​

  • Both water tanks and GWTS are part of the on-site set ​and are not part of the services that we offer. Any local plumbing company will be able to assist you with any questions or quotes.