We understand that getting funds for your Tiny Home can be difficult, so we have made financing easy by partnering with FinLink.  FinLink are a finance broker that aims to ensure you get into your dream Tiny Home.

Can they be fully financed (no mortgage)? 
Yes! Depending on the financer chosen, we can finance in some cases up to 150% of the Retail value.

Can they be financed with chattel mortgage only (no outside security)?
We have a financier that offers secured and unsecured personal loans, they are subject to higher rates but it is possible to finance this without using the security of the trailer home.

Can it be 7 years no residual?
Yes, 7 years with no residual or it can be 5 years 30% residual.

What is the interest rate?
The interest rate varies depending on clients profile from 5.2% up to 24.95%

What would the repayments be for $60,000, $75,000 and $90,000 models?
$60,000 approx. $995 per month
$75,000 approx. $1243 per month
$90,000 approx. $1490 per month
These prices would be subject to the clients profile and lenders criteria


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