Hangan Developments has a few projects underway including a large subdivision and a Tiny Home Eco Village.
We hope to continually expand our business with plans to purchase a new factory to operate out of and to provide more options for our customers.

We have begun a 26 lot subdivision in beautiful Bright, VIC. These plots of land are a great investment for Hangan Developments as it allows future growth for the business and Hangan Construction. 

We also hope to expand more of our business in other regional parts of Victoria or within metro Victoria.

To compliment our booming Hangan Tiny Homes business, as well as Tiny Homes Australia, we have bought a caravan park in El Dorado and are planning to build a full service Eco-Village for tiny homes to build a community there.

There is a lot of demand for a Tiny House community close to Melbourne and we wish to be the first offering this. As Australia's most popular tiny home business we believe we are in a good position to set this up properly and effectively.