With 6+ carpentry crews on-site everyday, Hangan Carpentry has the manpower and commitment to ensure your job is completed to your timeframe. 

With a combination of qualified carpenters and apprentices we have a great mix of talents and people to start the job. Additionally, with a diverse range of businesses we are also able to combine services such as the installation and fabrication of structural steel (Hangan Steel).

We are happy to quote smaller or larger jobs, please feel free to contact us with your plans or questions. Visit our Quotes page for more information.










Hangan Construction started up in 2013 with a team of 3 workers. Since then we have grown into a team of 40+ and are still growing.

Our staff includes builders, carpenters, cabinet makers, landscapers, apprentices, Engineers, salesmen, draftsmen, welders and admin staff.  All while building our business we have made it a priority in creating a wide network of other trustworthy talented trades, this includes plumbers, electricians, painters, tilers, plasters etc.

We only work with qualified tradesmen to ensure the best result for our customers.